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As one of investment methods, Solar DAO will generates tokens on Ethereum Blockchain, the second generation of blockchain after Bitcoin blockchain. In order to convince the investor, Solar Dao will be able to develop a new financial tools that allows its users to easily, anonymously and safely subsidize the construction of Photovoltaic Solar Plants that will be implemented on a global scale. With this methods in expanding the total capacity in the PV Solar Plant all over the world owned by them, its expected that the tokens of Solar DAO will increased in value from time to time.

But talking about the success of a project, it is advised to not only depend on the technical related matters or business projection provided by them. We need to pay attention to the other indicators such as the ability and experience of the team behind the project. Who are they, what and how long their experience and how they manage the team are important things to know so when we got a clear view regarding this project we will convinced regarding who that will manage our assets so that will generates profit in the future.

In the long run, the team behind the project will be the most important role to determine the success of the project. How they set the value to be delivered to its users, the big mission that they want to achieve, transparency and  also the culture of the tim management will speaks more louder than the words counted in the whitepaper.

Below are some of the information related to their team, the Solar Dao CEO and the vision of the team:

1. Dmitriy Solodukha

CEO Solar Dao Team

The founder and CEO of Solar Dao finished his master’s degree in Physics, Experimental Physics and Photovoltaics majors from The Kuban State University Master’s back in 2007. He holds a huge 14 years experience in the top field of Photovoltaics company.

According to his personal information provided in the, he started his carrier at Firm Solar Wind from 2006 to May 2008 as Diffusion Processes Operator. From time to time he always accept new challenges and currently he managed himself to become the Chief Executive Officer at UNISOLEX, a PV Company incorporated and domiciled in Moskow Russia, apart from being the CEO and Founder of Solar DAO.

Dmitriy proficiencies are in the filed of business development, sales team leader, investor relationship, integration of the technology and operation management. And now he see a great oppotunity to integrate the blockchain and cryptocurrency to support his big mission to bring PV Plants to the global scale.

2. The Great Team

A. Oleg Solodukha

CTO Solar Dao Team

Oleg will play the important role as Chief Technology Officer for Solar DAO. As a member of the Solar Power expert committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, he proves his expertise in the design and construction PV solar plants in the multiple country such as Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal and Germany.

B. Alexander Ulanov

Alexander is a lawyer with a field of expertise in the international law. In addition to being a lawyer, he is also active in supervising and participating in the production in several PV solar plants companies, most recently he participated in the development of Solar PV with a capacity of 270 MW in Russia. In the Solar DAO, he will play the role to leading the development and manage the holding structure from the both perspective, legality and best business practice.

3. Their Big Mission

The great mission of Sollar DAO is to enable everyone in the world to participate in the development of PV solar plants event for those who have the smallest investment. With the growth use of PV Solar plants globally it means that excessive environmental destruction such as mining activities can be reduced massively. And for this big mission, DAO Solar has chose to use Ethereum Blockchain.

Stay tuned with the update of this project and for your information, currently the Solar DAO already ended the Pre-ICO period, they will get back to us with the final reports in 14th September 2017. Please go to to check the updates and if you want to dig more information related with the project, please read their whitepaper at

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