SOMA – Embrace the Future Marketplace With The Traditional Social Values


Introduction – Our Problems

Currently, we are at the end of 2017 and due to the rapid development of technology invented by human being, the journey of our lives has been different significantly if we compared with several decades ago.
The way we understand the world, the way we gain information, communicate, the way we interact with our friends and family, the way we do business, transportation and even sports can all be done only with a device that attached on our hand everyday.

Soma Social Marketplace
However, is it profitable for our lives in general?

Yes it could be, but only for those who wise enough to use the technology to help each other and keep the balance proposition between the empirical and non empirical mattter of their life. We should know our border line, on what particular matter we should choose using technology to simplify our daily activity and what particular matter that we should keep it on the traditional way to avoid negative impacts of technology.

Let’s take an example, in the field of trading with so many platforms online market place, the sellers and buyers is possible to have agreed on their transactions without the needs to meet each other directly as a person. Imagine how much it could save the costs and how much time that we can save and utilized on the other important things like family and recreation.

But wait, with this kind of technology, a lot of social values ​​due to the function of the market itself is starting to disappear and abandoned. All of us know that in the traditional market, the sale and purchase activity is only become the main activity, but beside of that activity, those market also serve as a place to provide various social aspect such as joking, greeting each other, mutually offer other people’s product, meet new people and the any other things that we cannot find in the online market.

Therefore, no wonder if the people in the online market place will metamorphose only become rows of numbers, as long as profitable and getting richer, nothing will bother their mind.

This is a serious matter, if it not realized, it may turns all human being into selfishness creature who think only for themselves and leads to the destruction of a civilization.

SOMA – A Decentralized Social Marketplace

Based on the said matters, there is a startup company called SOMA (Social Market) that intends to combine the blockchain technology with values ​​and social aspects in a digital market. In their whitepaper, they aim to build a blockchain-based marketplace platform where everyone who join in that platform will get 2 (two) simultaneously benefit, trading and interact socially as it does in the real world.

If you were the SOMA users, you will have the opportunity to achieve some rewards by aiding the process of exchanging. The incentive will rewarded in order to engage its users to do particular action such as like, share, comment and etc. This business model is believed to take the sharing economy ecosystem to the next level and could deliver the mass happiness for the world that we live in.

For the lubricants of its platform, SOMA will also launch a token that called SCT, Soma Community Token. Its being said, that the fundamental part of the SOMA platform is the SCT, a cryptocurrency that designed to its users to bring the mutual benefit for the users and the community as a whole.

If you interested enough with this SOMA Project and you have the faith that this Project will surely embrace the future of our marketplace without abandoned our natural social aspect you should join with us right away!

To gain more information, please visit SOMA website in this quicklink: Soma Website.

And if you want the more detail regarding its SCT and Project Roadmap please also visit their whitepaper in here: Soma Whitepaper.

To achieve our vision to bring the better world by using the blockchain technology and to maintain our mission to spread and deploy the decentralization spirit to the world, we will keep you informed and updated regarding the next action of this cool Project so you can also join with us in the near future by joining SOMA Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Best Regards, Rahayu!

Written by: Hyadumadha, Bitcointalk Profile: Here




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