How About Becoming An Investor – Solar Dao Explained


Become an Investor? Why Not?

In a book, titled “Rich Dad and Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money That the Poor and Middles Class Do Not”(by Robert Kiyosaki), the type of people to earn some money were classified as follows:

Poor Dad Rich Dad

  • Those who work for somebody else
  • Static montlhy income and benefit
  • Depends on employer who have the full control of your life
Business Owner

  • Those who owned business
  • Manifesting people’s time, mind and energy to make money for them


Self Employee

  • Those who work for themselves, acting as boss and at the same time, as employee
  • Still have to work to earn money, no work = no money

  • Those who make money work for them
  • Those who enjoy the most of the time to do something they want

I believe that all of us were struggling to become an investor, right? But how many of us that still questioning our intention to become an investor only because a stupid reason such as limited money, underestimating our brain capacity and our most valuable assets which is time to read a book.

The point that emphasized in this book is that when we have an income, it is advised to buy some assets not the otherwise, creating more liabilities such as car installment or debt. Purchase an asset that allows you to earn new income in the future rather than buy something that in fact, only satisfying our greed and vanity instead our needs.

And now maybe you are little bit confused because you think that you only have a little money and your vision regarding investment is very complex and hard to reach.

You might be wrong, with only 1$ in your hand you can already buy an assets. So, lets take my advise and start to dig the information regarding Cryptocurrency which nowadays is also known as “digital gold”.

You have 1$ in hand and just go to the Cryptocurrency market (website) and buy one of the cryptocurrency with your fiat money, if you still confused about how to buy, then you maybe ignoring my first advise, search and read the book or google it. Just like Benjamin Franklin said, that investment in the knowledge will pay you the best interest, please note it.

After buying some coin (you just bought Ethereum for example) you can start to search what project that searching for investor to invest in their project. If you still confuse what project that really match with you, i would like to suggest you to go to the and read our previous article that may give you a clear view regarding Solar Dao Project by clicking this link.

Solar Dao Explained

What is Solar Dao and how can it can generated some money for me? Good question my friend, you just take your first step. In the most simple way, Solar Dao can be explained as a project that collect the fund from the investor to funding their Photovoltaic Solar Plants on a global scale.

They want to bring the renewable energy source to the masses adoption by trade existing PV solar plants, acquiring and built PV plant from the schratch. So the peoples who get involved in this project may have 2 main benefit, one for the dividends that Solar Dao will pay for the token owner and two for increasing the token value and as the token owner may sell it in the higher price. Beside that, the most important things, you may also considered as one of the agent that create the world a better place by supporting the stoppage of exploitation for the un-renewable energy source like oil, coal and gas.

Solar DAO comes with the team that already have experience more than 20 years in the PV fields. They see a bright future in this business if it can be smoothly integrated with Ethereum Blockchain platform. All issues regarding small-medium investment, payment management and technology related matter will be solved through the blockchain mechanism.

Solar Dao Explained
Photovoltaic Solar Plant

If you shared the same vision with Solar DAO and you think that maybe this project will have a bright future for your investment, please read more detail in their whitepaper in this link:

Regardless of the amount of money that you have, the opportunity to become investor and manage yourself to become the Rich Dad is always with you, right here right now. But for the common people, most likely just an simple option, brave and smart enough or not.

You just need to equip yourself with the proper understanding regarding the investment and the risk that you will face. Please take note, do not doing any investment that you were not good at it. Please take note that this article solely intended as information to educate all people of the world and it is not serving as an advice from the expert. You on your own choice. Happy invest!
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