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A Glimpse of Photo-voltaic Power System

Talking about the human life’s, there are three important sectors of business activity that are said always support the human needs and will never run out of demand unless the human race is extinct. The three sectors of business activity are food, energy and tourism/entertainment.

Food as the main needs of human being to stay survive and continuing life, energy to help humans perform daily activities such as electricity and fuel, while tourism is needed to fulfill of the human soul needs which is joy and happiness.

In this article, we will try to focus on the energy problems that we are facing today. The energy sources used by large-scale companies in the world come from non-renewable energy sources, such as oil and coal. It is said to be non-renewable because it takes thousands of millions of years to reproduce oil or coal taken by humans on an ongoing basis.

Just imagine the potential for natural damage caused by oil and mining drilling activities such as those already occurring in the Gulf of Mexico or the leaking Mud ini Lapindo Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. How about the chance of our next generation if we continue to destroy the mother nature like this just to meet our energy needs?

Based on the problems above mentioned, it seems that mankind must start to think about finding new renewable energy sources and how to find a ways stop damaging the mother earth.

The eyes of the experts now focused on the energy source that comes from solar energy, yes the sun! If sunlight can be converted into electricity, something great is going to happen for the world. By this potential idea, the world has introduced to the new technology called Photo-voltaic (PV) Solar Plants.

Literally, photo means light while voltaic means voltage generator. The whole photovoltaic cell is defined as a panel that produces an electric voltage derived from sunlight, although the actual produced directly is not voltage but current, the clear view about the PV will be described in this following picture:

A. Solar Modules; B. Inverter Systems; C. Central Grid


A PV panel is made of silicon base material coated by glass. Silicon is very easy to obtain on this earth in the form of silica sand. The silicon is installed, intended for light to penetrate and particles of sunlight called “photons” can also get into the silicon. The photon particle will hit the electron that contains negative charges on the silicon atom and as a result the collision of the photon energy will be transferred to the electrons so that the electron is released from its silicon atom and produces free electrons.

Because every second there is an infinite number of photons, it will produce a lot of free electrons that will be pushed out of PV because of the electric field inside the cell. When the PV is connected to the electrical load, the electric current will flow to the load and at this point the solar energy has been converted directly into electrical energy.

As long as the sun still shines for the earth, so long as humans race will not lack of energy sources. And now our task is about how to bring that PV technology to the global scale and can be utilized for everyone.

Solar Dao – Introduction

A project based on Ethereum Blockchain is planning to bring the PV technology to the masses by providing the financial tools to own and invest to the PV solar plants in the global scale and they introducing themselves as SOLAR DAO.

Based on the whitepaper provided by SOLAR DAO, their experience in the PV Solar Plants has been started since 1991 and right now, they see the potential of crowdfunding through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) can help them to actualize their dream to enlarging the scale of business to the global scale and provide a renewable energy source for everyone in this world.

The main problem of this PV technology to be massive implemented in the global scale is the funds needed to build the whole system. From land acquisition, capital expenses for the technology and human resource and other needs to maintain and develop the existing PV Solar plants. Therefore, SOLAR DAO aimed the new opportunity in the ICO mechanism to gather the funds from the crypto market and provide the investor a great return of investment.

Solar DAO will develops a new financial tools that empowers users to easily, anonymously and safely subsidize the construction of PV solar plants on a global scale, circumventing the cost of intermediaries, arranging deals and eradicating the technical and other barriers.

Any investor even those who invest in the lowest budget such as 1$, will also involved in the PV Solar Plants construction projects by using the web-interface called Sirius. Sirius will be able to grants all users the access to get the information regarding the PV Construction.

Project transparency and ability to involving every investor in the construction project is the main purpose of the Sirius development. As an intergrated information environment, Sirius will also allow users to communicate to each other including with the developer team and do some voting mechanism to initiate certain activities.

The ethereum blockchain will take the role as the system to organize the payment as well as distribute the dividends through the Smart Contracts. By using this platform, it seems the workflow can be performed more effectively and efficiently compared to the old methods in the conventional company that require a general meeting of shareholders to take a place and the other bureaucracy activity which surely burdening the company to pay the unnecessary cost.

In addition, the ethereum blockchain is also expected to support the company to always improve its solutions and technologies such as operating activities, supply and construction management. Which the results may increase the production and minimizing the operational cost.

Furthermore, the value of the distributed tokens and the dividends paid to the users will increase exponentially that will explained in the next section.

Why It Awesome for Investment?

If you are the investor that shared the same vision to bring the PV Solar Plants to the global scale and improve the quality of human life, then maybe SOLAR DAO could come as the best choices. As the token holder you will be able to:

  • Own the PV Solar Plants efficiently and reduce the cost and the risk involved in investment;
  • Take part and control in PV plant construction all over the world;
  • Own asset (tokens) safely and anonymously;
  • Receive dividends from the investment made and profit from the value increase of tokens using the smart contracts;
  • Sell tokens on exchange market as you wish.

And for now, maybe you want to raise a question regarding how can the SOLAR DAO increase the token price as stated above? We may look for the answer by reading the PV Plants capacity scale that provided in their whitepaper. They further explain, that the growth of the total capacity of the solar plants will have direct impact to the increase of the token price due to the DAO capitalization growth and rise of dividend amount paid to the token owners.

So we may move forward to take a look regarding the business methods that offered to the potential investor, SOLAR DAO will performed 2 main methods: 1. Trade Constructed Plants and 2 Bank Refinancing.

The main problem that we faced on the investment in the big scale business such as PV solar construction and acquisition is rely on high capital requirements. You should prepare and engage so many expert and consultant to do the audit process such as technical audit, taxation audit, legal due diligence and other intermediaries charges that may arise on the process.

But now, with the financial tools and platform prepared by SOLAR DAO, no matter how much your capital assets or no matter how much time that you have for doing some investment activities, you can still participate and do a great investment in the proper and easiest way and of course, by became a part of this project.

Just remember what Robert Kiyosaki said in his book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the Rich Dad will always suggested their kids to buy assets instead of liability, to invest on something they understand instead of spending money for something they didn’t need. And maybe its now the right time for you to become the Rich Dad by investing in this Solar DAO project.


After have the proper understanding regarding SOLAR DAO’s vision, mission and the business perspective as described above, let us begin to discuss the ICO mechanism that already planned by Solar DAO. For more details please see the following table explanation:

For you who feel too late to participate in the PRE ICO period, do not worry, Solar DAO will still provide a bonus tokens mechanism in both periods, PRE ICO and ICO. Therefore, there is still plenty of time for you to participate if you are interested in being part of this great project.

Finally, cryptolocho want to say that this article is meant solely for the informative discourse for you paralocho (cryptolocho readers) and not serving as form of investment advice from the expert. Therefore, please be wise in making decisions by equipping yourselves with rich information and a proper understanding regarding this project.

For those who interested to explore more deeply about the Solar DAO, you can start to visit the Solar DAO website in this link: and the whitepaper provided by them by clicking this link, happy reading and happy surfing!

Written by: hyadumadha

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